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Hi there, my name is Paige

Hi I’m Paige, welcome to my clinic! I am a fully qualified naturopath and registered with the National Herbalists Association of Australia. My naturopathy journey was born during my years as a nurse, seeing people who believed health care is managing sickness rather than enhancing wellness challenged me to dig deeper. I have seen a lot of people who have health concerns that believe they must “put up with” them rather than find a solution. 

As someone who has been on their own health rollercoaster, I am a big believer in finding the underlying cause and using tools that are best suited to the individual – there is no one size fits all in health and healing.

In recent years I have moved between Australia and New Zealand, and thus my online space outgrew a physical clinic location. This has allowed me to spready my naturopathic wisdom further, seeing clients virtually across multiple continents – from Australia and New Zealand to the UK, Europe, USA and Africa.

My purpose is to educate people in creating wellness from within. I believe that healthcare should be accessible worldwide and that everyone should experience optimum health and not just “put up with” symptoms. I wholeheartedly trust in the healing power of nature and transformation that occurs when we find balance in mind, body & soul.

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My Ethos

I have a passion for helping people transform their lives and enhance their wellbeing by blending naturopathic wisdom and the latest scientific findings to uncover the root cause of illness.

nice things that my clients have said

Client Experiences

Paige is a thorough, caring, and honest practitioner. I had an appointment with her for some nutritional advice on weight gain to ensure I was eating the right foods to help balance my hormones, and provide me with energy. I would highly recommend Paige.
Claire G.
Paige is fantastic, I couldn’t recommend her more. She is very open minded, understanding and worked with me to give me a range of options to suit my busy schedule. I have seen massive improvements in my skin and my digestion after doing her ready set gut program. Thanks Paige!
Annie L.
Working with Paige was the best decision I made when it came to my skin and digestion. I was suffering for a long while with hormonal acne and everyday bloating and I had somehow accepted that this was just the way my body had become. I found Paige on Instagram and saw she specialised in skin and digestive health and I just had to give it a go. The results from working with Paige were instantaneous and although it was still a long journey, I feel like the amazing results are here to stay. I was also in the process of detoxing my body from coming off the hormonal pill and I gained so much insight to my body and my cycle from working with Paige. It is the best compliment when someone notices your clear skin after having hormonal acne for months and months. It is something so many people just do not understand if they’ve never suffered from acne before, but the clear skin and confidence I got from working with Paige was just incredible. Side effects from the treatment also helped my allergies which was not even something I went to Paige for. I fully recommend Paige’s wholesome, natural and holistic approach. I could not be happier with my results!!
Jo F.
Paige has been excellent guidance and support over the last 4 years of working with her. I have suffered with chronic allergies all of my life and have been prescribed pharmaceutical drugs by skin specialist for years. They were no longer having an effect and giving me relief. Paige showed me a new way of thinking towards my allergies and has supported me (with gut health, food allergy testing and the use of herbs and tonics) by getting my body in a less allergic state. I highly recommend Paige’s gut health programme as I found this to be extremely beneficial for my allergies as well as my mental health surrounding them. Thank you, Paige!
Candice D.
Paige has been my naturopath for a few years now, she is so compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable - I've been so happy to recommended her to many of my closest friends. It's clear that she cares so much about her patients - Paige takes the time to go through your history, easily recalls any issues from previous sessions and really reads between the lines of my symptoms to try get to the bottom of what my body is saying & needs. It's so satisfying to finish an appointment where we've run through everything - and then have a solid treatment plan to follow up on emailed to me (so efficient), I honestly feel that in this day and age its basically impossible to get that kind of dedication from a GP even after several appointments! Working with Paige is really just so empowering - its so satisfying to know that I am finally on track to sort out my gut + skin issues, giving me body the chance to heal and get my vitality back. Cannot recommend her higher!
Olivia H.
Wollongong, NSW
Paige has gone above and beyond and shown such a passion to help and educate! Through a long journey of poor health and miss treatment by several doctors I was so scared to try again! Coming to Paige was by far the best thing I did! She is so warm and made me feel comfortable and understood. I have made leaps and bounds in my health since being with Paige, both physically and mentally and I have incorporated lifestyle factors through such thorough education! I am so blessed for Paige’s knowledge and passion to help. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Danielle O.

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