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Better health starts here.
Better health starts here


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What’s involved in an Initial Naturopathic Consultation?

Step 1: Getting to know you & your health

Your 60-minute initial consultation is focused on your goals, understanding your current health and getting to know your body’s needs. The more Paige knows about your health history, diet, lifestyle and current symptoms, the more Paige understands how best she can support you.


Receive your tailored health plan created by Paige, which includes recommendations on supplements, nutrition, lifestyle and more, to help you get results.


Follow up consultations are arranged to fine-tune your personalised health plan to help you achieve your goals. Comprehensive testing may also be ordered to investigate microbiome, food sensitivity and hormones.

behind the consult

I offer a space for each person to be heard and cared for, whilst supporting your goals through strategic, actionable advice.

answers to the top questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How are consultations arranged?

You can book online by clicking here or one of the “book now” buttons. Alternatively please email me at contact@paigecowley.com and I can arrange a consultation for you. All consultations are virtual and are held on a secure online platform, Practice Better or Zoom.
A secure link will be emailed to you prior to your consultation.

How will I receive my personalised treatment plan?

All treatment plans, recommendations and prescriptions are emailed to you within 48 hours of your consultations. You can print off your treatment plan and put it on the fridge to remind yourself of your goals.

How do I get my supplements?

I recommend the highest quality most effective supplements I can find. This is to ensure sustainable results and help you see changes faster. Some herbal remedies are handmade specifically for you, in this case, products are made and posted to you. For products not made by me, you will be emailed your prescription. The products will then be able to purchased by you and delivered to your door.

How often will I need to make an appointment?

Follow up consultations can be arranged as required until we achieve your goals. Naturopathy is about finding the right pathway and strategy to support your body in healing itself, have you feeling your best and achieving your goals. I like to set realistic time frames for healing but each body is completely different and depending on the complexity/ how long an issue has been occurring the healing process can take time. Most commonly I see clients every 2 weeks for the first 2 months.


I’m in New Zealand/ another country – how does that work for consults?

Please note that Auckland NZST (New Zealand time) is 2 hours ahead of Sydney EST (Australia). If you want more information on how we can work together or need another time that suits you, please email me – special arrangements can be made to suit your needs.

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Conditions and symptoms I support

Digestive issues
Skin issues
Hormonal issues
mental & brain health

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