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How to Activate Nuts [Quick Easy Guide]

How to activate nuts quick easy guide

Nature’s Perfect Snack Gets Even Healthier with Activation. Scroll to the bottom for How to Activate Nuts [Quick Easy Guide]. Nuts are undoubtedly a snack-time favourite for many and for good reasons! They’re not only cute and crunchy but also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re enjoying them on their own or adding them to salads, smoothies, […]

Fermented Foods for Optimal Health

Fermented foods

So let’s talk about Fermented foods for optimal health. So fermented foods are an absolute favourite topic of mine, mostly, because I really like eating them but also because they have incredibly beneficial health benefits. No just digestive but whole system benefits! So, I’ll explain a little bit about what fermented foods are and the […]

Do you eat prebiotics? How they benefit your gut

Do you eat prebiotics? How they benefit your gut

Do you eat prebiotics? If yes, do you know why or which ones are the best for you? What is a prebiotic? Anything that feeds or stimulates the growth of probiotic bacteria in any way that improves health is considered a prebiotic. There are many different benefits of prebiotics, and a few of them include […]