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Saving Stressed Skin Acne Guide & Clear Skin Plan

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Discover the diet and lifestyle factors that influence your skin and contribute to acne so that you can upgrade your healing from within.

This 90-day research-backed plan utilises nutrition as a foundation for healthy skin and nurtures the gut-brain-skin axis to see real results.

You will learn which diet and lifestyle changes are MOST relevant to YOU and how to make impactful changes that will clear your skin. This plan is focused on internal healing for external results with no side effects.

* As this is an immediate digital download purchase is non-refundable

** Please note that the link to download the e-Book is located on your screen after checkout on the ‘order confirmed’ page


I get exceptionally good feedback on my protocols, plans and guides, however, due to Australian laws and regulations I am unable to share testimonials. If you are unsure if this Acne Guide is right for you please email me at contact@paigecowley.com

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The Saving Stressed Skin Acne Guide & Clear Skin Plan focuses on adding IN nutrient-dense, low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods while limiting pro-inflammatory, pro-acne foods such as dairy and sugar. Plus you will be investigating YOUR underlying root causes of acne, such as gut imbalance, hormone imbalance, blood sugar imbalance, stress, chronic inflammation, and nutrient deficiencies. This is a whole-body approach to skin healing – incorporating diet, internal investigations, lifestyle changes, skincare & make-up reviews to help you find the right combination of tools to clear your acne.

If you are sick of “magic” products or you’ve tried everything you can think of to clear your skin then it’s time to make actionable changes to discover exactly what your skin needs to heal from the inside out.

The Acne Guide & Clear Skin Plan has been developed by Paige Cowley over the past 8 years in clinical practice. By seeing clients who are struggling to clear their skin until we created a plan that dives deep into healing by nurturing the foundations of health – diet and lifestyle. This 2-part guide and plan will give you all the tools you need to see real change in your skin.

The Acne Guide covers:

  • Understanding acne – what it is, acne types, face map, investigations and finding the root cause
  • Conventional management of acne – topical treatments and medications
  • Holistic management of acne – diet, nutrients, supplements, hormones, stress, pollution, skincare and make-up
  • Herbal Medicine for your skin
  • Natural beauty routine
  • and so much more!

This 70-page Acne Guide covers everything you need to know about your skin and understand the messages it is trying to tell you.

The Clear Skin Plan includes:

  • 90 days of dietary support with breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to give you the nutritional needs for glowing skin
  • Recipes, meal inspiration and shopping lists ready to take you through the first month and beyond
  • Paige’s own meal builder guide to continue creating skin-healing foods with recipes you already love
  • Holding your hand through eliminating and re-introducing trigger foods
  • AM & PM Skincare guide
  • Emergency breakout plan for what to do when…
  • Step-by-step guide for achieving clear skin

The 80-page Clear Skin Plan has everything you need to start making changes to your skin today!

Plus all the supplements Paige recommends to take skin healing to the next level.

How many plans have you tried that include your food as medicine with all the add-ins that have no side effects?!

This plan is not for you if:

  • You want a magic cream or pill to fix your skin
  • You are NOT open to dietary and lifestyle changes


* As this is an immediate digital download purchase is non-refundable

** Please note that the link to download the e-Book is located on your screen after checkout on the ‘order confirmed’ page


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