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Compatibility Testing – 600+ Foods & Products

Are you experiencing lots of food triggers? Or think your body is being set off by something but not sure what? This is the test for you!

The compatibility test identifies the influence of more than 600 foods and products on your body. It helps to determine which food and products will need to be avoided and which ones can be used.

Results emailed to you in 2-4 weeks

$299.00 inc. GST


Are you experiencing digestive disturbances or skin flare-ups and feeling frustrated by the unknown cause?

Compatibility testing may be beneficial for you if you experience eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, itchy, dry and inflamed skin, bloating, reflux, colic, irritable bowel, diarrhoea, leaky gut, constipation, flatulence, or poor digestion.

Once the test has been purchased online, you will be emailed instructions to complete a hair sample and post it to Paige for express delivery to the Laboratory. You will then receive your results via email in approximately 2-4 weeks.

To get the most out of the results, I recommend booking an Initial Consultation, however, this test can be purchased without a consultation. A sample report can be viewed here.

For Australian Residents only. If you live outside Australia, please email Paige for assistance.


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